hands free cum with the Steve Oh toys Device

The powerful and unique world of penis stimulation through vibrations

yes it is possible to cum from stimulating your frenulum.  also known as a hands free cum.

Men can cum this way  with a simple egg or a vibrating “dildo” held to the base of their cock on their frenulum, but this leads to a mess, I have seen videos where guys have tape and a vibrating egg strapped to their cock rubber bands with a dildo vibrating on their cock, it just looked like a painful sloppy mess to deal with, there had to be a better way for a hands free cum..


After searching for a hands free cum video I seen a user using a device with TWO yes TWO eggs, and a special  “band” made to position the eggs over the frenulum  perfectly.. After  searching for this I seen a comment and found the website


I found out this comes with 4 different size rings, to place on any cock size with special orders on request, it also had a DUAL controller so you can control each egg separately, as well as having 2 eggs with 7 functions each.

The 7 functions each is great because using a generic egg or a dildo you may only get 1 or 2 speeds or types  of vibrations and this will result in your cock going numb, which is not what you want.
If you are going to play you want to cum not go limp.


After doing research on this site http://www.steveohtoys.com/product-information/
I had to order, as it went very in depth on how it came about as a product, and the items included as well as the customer service options..

After my order arrived I had to give it a try, I inserted the batteries got myself hard  and slipped on the proper fitting  enhancement ring for my cock size and, started  adjusting the speeds ( from a choice of 7 on each egg) on the eggs until i was  happy.
I came in under 5 minutes my first time

You can also use the S.O.T with a partner by simply sliding the eggs and rings down on your shaft to the base and then insert your cock into your partner..

I rate this S.O.T product a 5/5 as It works as described and is very easy to use.

I won’t go into the whole back story of the device, but I do recommend this product.

you can find more information  at http://www.steveohtoys.com/product-information/steveohtoys